Home Ergonomics

We have been hearing from many of you and a common complaint that we are hearing is that many of you are hurting more now that you are working from home. Most of us don’t have great workstation ergonomics at home. The dining room table, bed and the couch just don’t work! You may be surprised at how a few simple adjustments can improve your comfort while working at the computer. I personally recommend standing workstations and trying to avoid sitting whenever possible.

Below I have attached a link to a great article that discusses how to set up good ergonomics in your home. It primarily discusses sitting workstations but also gives some direction for standing workstations. I highly recommend adding a stress mat or memory foam mat to stand on!

If you need assistance alleviating your neck and back pain please give us a call. We are now seeing patients in the clinic. We are following social distancing, everyone is using masks and of course, we are sanitizing like crazy! We have a list of what we are doing to keep a safe and healthy environment in the clinic on our website (view our safety guidelines).

Kelly Beaudoin, MS PT
Owner, Balance Solutions Physical Therapy