About Us

Balance Solutions is an independently owned private practice consisting of highly skilled therapist and a caring professional staff. The Balance Solutions team is dedicated to offering the best possible patient care and quality services. Our team members specialize in the many different aspects of physical therapy; and work together to reach all goals and maximize functional gains for our patients. Our team is trained to look at the individual as a whole, addressing all factors contributing to their particular condition. Balance Solutions therapists continue to work one-on-one with their patients; patients are never left alone with modalities or to perform exercises. Patients are evaluated in private treatment rooms allowing for increased confidentiality, and all manual therapy is performed in private for increased comfort.

For more than 10 years our specialized team of therapist has been successfully treating the people of Northeast Ohio who have suffered from pain, discomfort, decreased balance and dizziness.

With our highly trained physical therapy specialists, one-on-one care is provided using hands on techniques, giving our patients excellent care.

Mission & Objectives