Corporate Wellness


Corporate Training Seminars Balance Solutions offers several corporate training seminars which cover topics such as; Posture & Body Mechanics, Ergonomics for a Healthy Spine, and Balance & Fall Prevention. Training seminars are designed so that they may be provided during a luncheon or a 45-60 minute [...]

Community Wellness Education


Community Education Seminars Balance Solutions offers many community education seminars which cover topics such as; Pilates, Posture & Body Mechanics, Fall Risk Screening, Dizziness & Vestibular Disorders, and Balance & Fall Prevention. All seminars are generally scheduled for a period of 45-60 minutes, including a question [...]

Professional Courses


Professional Courses Our team of skilled and certified therapists routinely speak at conferences and corporate events nationwide. We are recognized for our excellence in physical therapy and are proud that our team is hailed as industry leaders. For more information on our Professional Courses and Training [...]


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