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Rated 4.8/5 based on 12 customer reviews
"I was seen at Balance Solutions several years ago. The care was professional and thorough. I was referred there by my PCP. I must say, however, I did have some concerns as the therapist that treated me "diagnosed" me with Thoracic Outlet Syndrome. As an RN, I was not aware that a PT could give me a medical diagnosis, but I went with it. I was seen there for a number of months, 21 times in total, and continued to have symptoms of numbness in my arms. At one point, the therapist, who I found out later was the manager, spoke to me in a very belittling manner said I had been there 21 times and it was implied that that was enough. Unbeknownst to me, when I came for my next appointment I was told at the front desk my appointment was cancelled. No one had called me to tell me this and I was mortified. I left feeling extremely upset and frustrated. Continuing to have symptoms several years later, I had an EMG study and was diagnosed by my physician with carpal tunnel. I left with a bad taste in my mouth and have told others about my experience. Beforehand, I would have referred others with no problem, because up till then the care was very good, but this was handled very unprofessionally. I am sorry to say I will never return. "
Jan 04, 2019
"I had vertigo and they were able to help me with therapy instead of just taking antivert. I have also been to them for neck and back issues. They are the best!!!!"
Apr 27, 2015
"They listened to what my problems and concerns were. They worked with me to achieve my goal of no pain in my knee and just after a couple of months, I was feeling fantastic.. Thank you Balance Solutions!"
Apr 13, 2015
"The therapy provided at Balance Solutions is beyond all standards of excellence. I am a senior citizen now and began therapy here at a much younger age. My physician continues to acknowledge how well I do when receiving therapy for various ailments."
Mar 24, 2015
"Kelley and her team are the very best. They helped solve my vertigo problem. They are always prompt, respectful and caring in their treatment. I have been a patient of theirs since they opened. I would recommend them highly."
Mar 23, 2015
"My experience at Balance Solutions has been excellent. I have visited them many times over the years for different problems, including dizziness, neck pain and most recently hip/psoas pain. Each time I have seen professional, talented therapists and my problems have resolved. I would not hesitate to recommend Balance solutions to anyone experiencing problems. The entire staff is very accommodating and create a warm, caring atmosphere."
Mar 17, 2015
"As someone who has had many types of vertigo over the years, I was one of Kelly's original patients at Balance Solutions when it was just Kelly and Michelle. At that time I was amazed by how caring Kelly was and that her treatment was so effective in helping with my vertigo. Unfortunately for me, I returned to Balance Solutions many times over the years for vertigo and other physical therapy treatments, including broken foot, shoulder and back pain issues. The treatments I have received, including massage, have always helped and I would never go anywhere else for PT!"
Mar 12, 2015
"I was referred to Balance Solutions after experiencing a sports-related injury. A successful treatment program including PT, massage, and exercise had me healed in no time. Their staff is extremely professional, well-trained, and genuinely care about every inch of you! I have referred lots of family/friends to them and also educated my docs about this awesome center. I love their integrated approach offering continuing opportunities for massage and core-building Pilates classes which I take on a regular basis. They are not just about balance issues, they cover the whole body! Cheri S."
Mar 11, 2015
"I first went to Balance Solutions at least 10 years ago for vertigo. I had been dealing with dizziness for 9 months. In one visit at Balance Solutions my symptoms were gone! I wondered, why I was not told about this place before? To me this place was the best kept secret! Because of the nature of my job I have been there many times for therapy for my neck, back, & pelvis.I do a lot of lifting, bending, & twisting. It is comforting to know I can go to Balance Solutions to help me every time. Very professional & knowledgeable therapists. I don't know what I would do without them!"
Mar 11, 2015
"My family and I were referred to Balance Solutions 9 years ago and we have had amazing relief from vestibular neuritis, hypermobile joints, ruptured cervical disc & low back pain. Staff is A+ and can address any condition, and is friendly and accommodating to their patients."
Mar 04, 2015
"I have been going to Balance Solutions for many years, I suffer from Vertigo. I was diagnosed in 1986, But, I found Balance Solutions several years ago and they saved my life. It wasn't until I came to their office that I learned how to do the manuever myself to help me with the dizzy feelings. Whenever I have an episode, I always call them and they know exactly how to calm me down, how to massage and give me the therapy I need to make me feel awesome again. It is the most caring group of therapists and staff family I have ever encountered, I trust them with my life. ."
Mar 03, 2015
"I'm so glad I found you. I can't believe I struggled with that back pain for all those years. I'm absolutely amazed. Thank you very much!"
Mar 03, 2015