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Physical Therapy

Physical Therapy Physical therapy is a non-invasive, evidence based, treatment approach for neuromuscular and musculoskeletal conditions. Balance Solutions offers highly proficient physical therapy intervention, combining exercise, education, manual therapy and neuromuscular re-education to achieve maximum results. Our therapists provide a thorough evaluation to [...]


Manual Therapy

Manual Therapy Manual therapy is described as a “broad group of passive interventions in which physical therapist use their hands to administer skilled movements designed to modulate pain; increase joint range of motion; reduce or eliminate soft tissue swelling, inflammation, or restrictions; induce relaxation, [...]



Massage Massage is a non-invasive method of enhancing muscle function and improving the body’s natural ability to heal itself. Our licensed massage therapists have many years of experience, and have complete many different types of massage and manual therapy educational courses. Our massage [...]


Personal Training

Personal Training Balance Solutions offers personal training to those who are looking for guidance with a physical fitness program and proper exercise performance. Personal training provides motivation and continuous education regarding the body and proper mechanics. Through personal training, an individual can improve [...]


Corporate Wellness

Corporate Training Seminars Balance Solutions offers several corporate training seminars which cover topics such as; Posture & Body Mechanics, Ergonomics for a Healthy Spine, and Balance & Fall Prevention. Training seminars are designed so that they may be provided during a luncheon or [...]


Myofascial Release

Our modern institution is interested in cultivating an environment where young students can come together and learn in a creative and flexible environment. We work collaboratively with our students to achieve outstanding results.

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