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Balance Solutions Physical Therapy

Balance Solutions is an independently owned private practice consisting of highly skilled therapist and a caring professional staff. The Balance Solutions team is dedicated to offering the best possible patient care and quality services. Our team members specialize in the many different aspects of physical therapy; and work together to reach all goals and maximize functional gains for our patients.

Did you know? You have the right to pick where you go for physical therapy.

The therapists have helped me to become stronger and more confident. I am able to walk around the house and in stores without concern of falling. The tools I received during therapy keep me feeling secure and allow me to live and live well. Thank you.

Pat R., Lakewood

After a reverse shoulder replacement, I regained full range of motion, increased strength and relief of pain. In compensating for my shoulder, my neck became affected but my therapists looked at all of my problems and not just the effected area. With coming into therapy and working on my muscles at home, I have met all of my goals and feel well enough to continue with maintenance on my own.

Stephen M., Beachwood

What a wonderful experience! Such an encouraging staff. My balance is about 90% of what I was experiencing before surgery. I walk with confidence and am able to do household chores with ease. I can resume activities gradually that I used to enjoy long ago. Reclaiming the life I knew prior to surgery is priceless. Balance and range of neck motion allows me to work without fatigue. Therapy has been greatly appreciated.

Diane R., Peper Pike

I have improved more than I thought possible after all these years. My Therapist understood what I needed and gave me the tools to help me. We, as a family, learned a great deal that they can help me with. My aide has even mentioned how I have improved with walking and other activities. Thank you for giving me what I need to better myself.

Judith S., Beachwood

I am much more aware of my core and the importance of making it strong. I now have the body awareness and knowledge to strengthen this area each and every day through how I stand, sit and walk. I have trained my mind and body, with the help of my therapists, to always evaluate myself through these daily activities. The self awareness I have gained and tools I have come away with, I cannot say thank you enough.

Sandra T., Parma

Balance Solutions has, unquestionably, been an excellent resource for education and therapy in regard to balance, strength and posture. I’ve made noticeable improvement in each of these areas in a relatively short period of time. The therapists are highly qualified and knowledgeable, and the therapy made it so I am able to walk more comfortably. I have appreciated the opportunity of working at this facility and I would return if needed without question or refer anyone with an issue. Thank you.

Rita W., Beachwood

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